Hello all. We are in the process of evaluating a WAN accelerator solution
from a company named Riverbed. They have an array of WAN accelerator
appliances called Steelhead's. We have 3 sites connected via T1 lines.
We are a Civil Engineering firm that at times needs to have multiple
people in multiple offices work on the same projects. We can do this now
with our setup but the file access performance at the remote sites back to
our main office is fairly sluggish. The Steelhead appliances are supposed
to improve this performance dramatically. Spoke to one of their
representitives and they mentioned that another client of theirs also used
NetWare and they simply had to enable CIFS on their servers since NCP
traffic is not accelerated by their devices. I know there is more to the
configuration than that. Has anyone out there had experience configuring
NetWare boxes with these Steelhead appliances? Any information would be
appreciated. We are going to be getting some of their reps in here soon,
hopefully they can shed some light on this as far as what kind of
configuration they require from their end. We currently have a total of 7
NetWare 6.5 SP2 servers spread throughout our 3 locations. We have not
had a need for any other native file access since we are a complete Novell
shop. As you may have guessed, NFAP is fairly new to me, always been a
die hard Novell guy. Again, thanks to all for any information you could