The modern languages department insists on spelling words in filenames
correctly. This means they will often use accented e, umlaut o, tilde n,
etc. in the naming of their documents.
We are running 6.5 with SP4a applied. We used drag and drop for all copy
procedures. We used Word to create and edit the file.
The OSX user CAN
1) create a file with accented characters and save to their desktop
2) copy the file from the desktop to a LAN location
3) open, modify, and save the document in the LAN location
a) copy the file from the LAN desktop back to their desktop
b) copy the file from the desktop onto the same filename on the LAN a
second time (error -8065)
The simplest workaround is to misspell the words with plain ASCII
characters. Can anyone explain why the problem occurs and what should be
done to fix it?