I've been having a tough time trying to solve an NFS issue we're having.
I have a SUSE box that is trying to mount a drive to
a Netware 6 SP5 server. I can mount, download files of all sizes, upload
small files but when I upload a file of substantial
size, I get an error that states, "Stale NFS File Handle". The server is
not running any other applications, just pure file access. I re-installed
NFS from SP5 but that didn't change anything. I then loaded up another
box with Netware 6 SP5 and configured NFS.....no issues whatsoever! Are
there any portions of the OS that I should be looking at in order to
solve this problem? There's obviously something specific to that box that
would be screwing things up. I'm really not in the mood to re-load this