Has anyone gotten Citrix and CIFS to work together?

I have Application # 1 presented on Citrix. In script for that app User A
maps to NW 6.5 CIFS share "C" just fine. User B maps to that same CIFS
share "C" and gives an "invalid password" It appears the CIFS server
requests a security key from DC for the first connection with the Citrix
client and then CIFS drops it connection with DC. The second (and
subsequent) connection from Citrix to CIFS server uses the original
connection but the CIFS server reconnects to DC and gets new security key
which doesn't match the first connection so then they get "invalid
password" errors.

Does anyone know how to:
1. Get Citrix to open a additional connection to CIFS server for each
user instead of using the original connection?
2. Or get CIFS server to keep connection with DC so that same security
key will be used?

Any ideas for a solution?