I have a Server NW6.5 SP3 and on this Server I have an NSS Volume that I
share with NFS. For the Share I use the following Syntax:

xnfs share /DATA -rw -anon -root

When the Users on UNIX side place files in that share, these files have
the Ownership ID of the logged in User (All these Users have also the
UNIX Profile defined in the eDirectory) When a User now create file in
that Share on a Windows Box without a UNIX Profile in the eDirectory the
Ownership of the created File belongs to root. When I define the UNIX
Profile and the User safe the file than from a Windows Box the File
Ownership is OK.
A similar Problem is described in TID 10096840. The only Problem this
TID is attached to NW 6.0 Servers where you still use the old NFS Share
system. How can I fix that on NW 6.5 where I use xnfs. Any ideas?