Looking at using NFA to provide NetWare file access to our Solaris clients. NetWare environment is new server running NW6.5sp5 - we do not use NIS on our Unix side so don't want to implement NIS in NetWare. I've read through the NFA Protocols Guide but need some guidance in exactly how things work.

We have an NSS volume called SHARED with various subdirectories. In NetWare/edir we have groups setup that give users access to various subdirectories on the SHARED volume based on group membership. Can I just export the path for the top level of the volume and expect Netware to allow access to folders based on NetWare user name? Or it doesn't work this way at all?

when trying to export the path

/shared -nwmode - this fails

/shared -ro -nwmode - this works

So it seems I have to provide one of the access parameters?

When the unix client mounts the exported path, does it prompt for a user name?

Thanks for any assistance.

Sandra Tokash
Sr Network Engineer
Lodgian, Inc