I want to move from a windows ftp server to a netware 6.5sp3 ftp server.

On the netware server I have configured cifs.

With the old windows ftp server I could map from a windows 2003 server to a
share on the ftp server with the tool bootrunservice.exe, starting up a
service. A login to the windows 2003 is not necessary !

Bootrunservice uses a batch file with following content:

net use v: \\servername\share pasword /user:username

Now, I want to map a netware cifs share on a windows 2000 as a service, the
same way I was doing for the windows share, but without success.

After logging into that windows 2003 server and run the batch file, then the
net use to the cifs share works perfect.

So, after logging on to the windows server everything works, starting up the
same batch file as a service with an admin user and password doesn' t work.

Cifs is configured as workgroup.

Any ideas for a solution?