I have inherited a network with two NW6 servers. In order to get some
ColdFusion apps to run, a CIFS share has been set up on one of the
servers. A search for the CIFS share from a Windows box will show the
share, but my users are not able to log into it. I've tried changing
the simple passwords for the users that need to use the share, but I
keep getting an error code -1423 NMAS error. When I looked this error
code up, however, it seems to have to do with NICI. The only thing that
I've been able to find out about this issue is that it may have to do
with the SDI keys. I downloaded SDIDIAG from support and ran it against
my tree. It did find an error with the SDI keys, so I ran sd -g from
the SDIDIAG utility to generate and synchronize a new key. The utility
now says that there are no problems with the keys, but I'm still getting
the 1423 error when I try to change the simple passwords for my users.
Does anyone out there have any ideas about how to solve this issue?