I have three NW6.5 servers that I am trying to connect to with CIFS.
Unfortunately, having some issues.

First of all, I have made shares in different windows workgroups, and
some of my boxes can see the workgroups, some can't. And sometimes I
loose the ability to see the workgroups after a reboot. Oh! Now they
are back! Weird.

I have a laptop with no Netware client (fresh-teletubby windows
install), TCP-IP and NetBIOS over TCPIP. I have a WINS server (2003),
becuase I read that I need it, but I just installed it, and it doesn't
have static entries for the NW servers yet.

What sort of networking configuration is required for the windows
machines? I'm worried I don't have it set up correctly.

The other basic problem is that only one of the servers will allow me
to log in with my simple password. The other two just pause and return
to the password screen again.

Wait MLM's, or NCF's do I want to load at start on my Nw servers for
CIFS access?

I realize these are kind of vague questions, but I'm just starting
out, and I want to get the basics straight.

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA