Since upgrading our NetWare servers from 6.0 to 6.5 we lost the ability
for the Mac Finder on OS9 to automatically refresh the content of folders.

On NetWare 6.0, any folder mounted from the server can be sitting open on
your Mac OS9 desktop, and if the content of that folder changed, in 9
seconds the folder would be updated with the current contents. With
NetWare 6.5 (SP5), it will refresh only the root level of the volume, but
not subordinate folders.

My guess is that the AFPTCP.NLM for NetWare 6.5 is geared towards better
performance with OSX, and since that refresh feature is not supported in
OSX (at least I don't believe it is), it's been eliminated. If I had to
guess, it's got something to do with the old 'count' parameter.

For the time being, I have reverted my NW65SP5 servers to the AFPTCP.NLM
from the latest NW6 update and the folder refresh is OK. We get some
other interesting problems with the OSX machines, but they don't interrupt
workflow, so I can live with them.

We're about 50/50 with OS9/OSX, so we're going to be stuck with this
problem for a while. Can anybody tell me if there are any 'undocumented'
AFPTCP.NLM switches that may help?