I'm trying to set up NFA so that our RH Linux users can see their
Netware files and directories from Linux. Running Netware 6.5 sp4.

I'm having some problems with permissions.

Our Netware user directories are on a volume called HOME. The Netware
users have no rights to the HOME:/ directory, however they have RWCEMFA
to there own subdirectory, e.g. HOME:/<user>

When I export the volume using -nwmode and mount it, I get the following
permissions on the base directory:

drwx------ 1 root bin 4096 Feb 27 12:07 home

Since there are no grouw or other permissions, the users cannot access
the underlying subdirectories. This is somewhat understandable, given
the Netware permissions. Kind of a pain, but understandable, none the less.

If I give NFAUWorld RF Netware access, then I see these permissions from

drwx---r-x 1 root bin 4096 Feb 27 12:07 home

Now I can get into the subdirectories - *ALL* the subdirectories are
inheriting world r-x even though Inherited Rights are getting filtered
on each of the user subdirectories. This seems wrong!

Now, I could get around that if I could get the group permissions to
work. However, this is my second problem: I cannot seem to get the
GUIDs to map at all. I changed the UnixGUID on the NFAUUser object and
the admin object to the GUID of my primary Unix group, set up a group
with a UnixGUID the same as my primary group - no matter what I do,
everything always shows up with 'bin' as the group and no group
permissions in Unix. All the NW users and groups that I'm using are in
my SEARCH_ROOT, from what I can see.

This is the simplest case in which I want users to be able to access
their own home directories - no big issues with group membership. I
should be able to get this to work.

Please help!

Thanks, in advance.