NW 6.5, recently SP'd to SP5 (from SP2)

We have a Solaris 9 server which mounts a pair of cluster resources (production and test) via NFAU. During my original testing, I was able to fail the cluster resource at will and not impact the Solaris box. (mounts are soft) It worked amazingly well.
However in the past week (since SP5 it seems?) when I fail a resource which is exported via NFS, I have to restart NFS.Client on the Solaris box because I get "stale NFS file handle" errors. Also if I reboot the Solaris host, sometimes it mounts the filesystems, and sometimes it does not. The Solaris host has a multipathed NIC config which I am going to disable for now just to simplify things.

Additionally, I am getting weird metadata "corruption" - files that were owned by user "testuser" are now sometimes owned by root after a migration (trustmig issue?). I had the same problem in production but some chmod and chown work fixed that. We did the same to test.. but it still won't work.. weird stuff.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Thx - Joe P