I hope that I am posting this on the correct forum. We are running Netware
6.5 SP4, with the majority of workstations running Windows 2000; a few are
running Windows XP. All stations are fully patched. We recently became aware
that the users are not being notified when they open a file on the network,
that is already in current use by another user. This is causing a great deal
of problems. Employee "A" had a file open, and when employee "B" opened the
same file, they were not given any notification that the file was already in
use. When employee "B" went to save their work, they received a message
something like "saved as a temporary file; close this file , open temporary
file and rename it".

This happened last week, and file became corrupt, and because it was created
that morning, we did not have a backup to reinstate the file. Does anyone
have an idea as to why the users are not receiving a notification?