Hello all;

I have a client with two NetWare 6.0 SP5 servers, CIFS, BorderManager 3.8 SP4, BM Legacy S2S VPN.

If a Windows 2000 or XP client (no NW Client) maps a drive to the local site server CIFS share, the file copy works fine and the file can be opened with the MS Word or Excel program. If the same client copies the same files across the VPN to the remote site server CIFS share, then the file is corrupt and cannot be opened.

If a Windows 2000 or XP client with the NW client is used to copy the files across the VPN, then the files are not corrupt can be opened. I cannot install the NetWare client on the PC's.

All servers have NCP client file caching = OFF and Level 2 oplocks = OFF

Any and all suggestions, fixes, tips are welcome.