Hello everyone,

Today one of the offices I work for migrated trees and we're now having
major problems with the macs and native file. The original servers were 6.0
SP5 and native file worked fine. The new environment is a two node 6.5 SP3
cluster with OS3a, NSS3a, WSOCK6H, TCP659J installed. Basically this
morning when users came in everythign was fine from about 9-9:30 and then
the macs stopped being able to work on the server, it froze the finder
and/or disconnected them, and the server showed under kernel/busyest
threads, AFP WORKER THREAD using up all of the processor cycles. When this
happens (and it happened every half hour or so all day) the only thing that
would work to get the macs back on was to hard power down the server and let
the resources migrate, afpstop/cluster migrate/reset server all results in a
hang. Have an incident open with NTS, no help so far. So far NTS has NOT
told me I should upgrade to a later support pack, but I am thinking now that
I may have to. I would probably go with 4A as we've seen 5 cause problems
elsewhere in our environment. Does anyone have any experience with an issue
similar to mine and have advise as to the fix? Thank you so much any help
is greatly appreciated.