OK, I'm frustrated >:(

We have a web application that connects to Access databases on a NetWare
6.5 SP4a server. The web app is running on standalone (no domain) Windows
2003 Server SP1 and the folder that holds the Access data is shared via
CIFS. I have configured as follows:

1. Manually set password for IUSR acct in IIS and in local user account.
Password is 14 alphanumeric characters.

2. Created a matching account with a simple password in eDirectory. Added
the account's context to cifsctxs.cfg. Gave the account trustee rights to
the shared directory.

3. Set SMB signatures to Optional on the NW server (troubleshooting step).

4. On the W2K server, set "Digitally sign communications (always) to
Disabled and "LAN Manager auth level" to Send LM and NTML responses.

On the Win2003 server the IIS account cannot connect to the share. Does
anyone have any ides what I'm missing? It was working for awhile, but it
stopped about a week ago and I don't know what changed...