Hello all: I have begun to have a problem getting access to
a cifs share. The strange part is the same user account can
access the share on one workstation but not on another.

here is brief description of the problem:
We have about 16 old workstations running w2k pro sp4+ with
te sole task of nightly uploading of files to a cifs share
on our OES/NW sp2 server. All workstations are set to
auto-login to w2k only (workstation only) and run a simple
java app that copies the files to the server daily. All
workstations login using the same user account and password.
I use a cifs share since the user is only logged in
locally. This user DOES have a valid account in NDS.

Yesterday I re-imaged one workstation with a new load of
software (nw client mainly) bringing it up to version
4.91sp2. Since then I can't access the cifs share even
though all the other workstations can. Remember they too
are using the same username and password. When I manually
browse to the cifs server I can see the shares, but i just
can't open them.

This looks like an nmas problem of some sort, but I have no
idea how to even figure out what is going on. I have not
yet run dstrace. I was hoping this may ring a bell with

I always appreciate the help on the forums. Thanks in
advance, Chris.