I have to cluster CIFS for a install of VO.

Both are NW6.5 SP4a

There are 2 nodes. I can get CIFS to work on the node servers, but for
some reason the virtual server is not showing up. I have configured the
virutal server and cluster as per the Novell TID's related to clustering.

The node servers cifs shares are visable and accessable. The virtual
server server and share is not visible or accessable.

The cifs add line is in the startup for the shared vol. I have configured
the virutal server name and share in iManager.

When I do a CIFS INFO on the server that is currently holding the
clustered CIFS I only see the node server information and nothing
pertaining to the virtual server.

Any ideas?


I am thinking maybe the correct attributes were never applied to the
server objects. I have taken two screen captures from the server objects
in ConsoleOne. One is the virtual server and one is for the Real server
hosting the virtual server. Could someone please compare what you see in
my other attributes and compare it to your working server objects and tell
me if you see anything missing?

These servers were upgraded from SP2 to SP4a and I am thinking something
got messed up between the upgrades. Thanks.