See if you can duplicate this.

Create a user in ConsoleOne or even in Imanager with Universal Password
already enabled.

Set the UP password for the user and make sure the Date and time of "the
Force periodic Password" is set to sometime in the pass so that when user
log in, it will trigger the change password

According to what I read, If you change Univeral password and it will
sync immediately with NDS and Simple Password

Once you change the password, DO NOT log in to a workstation with novell
client yet. If you have a way to verify your "simple password" then
just do that. For me, I used CIFS or AFP. At this point I can NOT log
into these services with my simple password. However, Only if I log in
a workstation with novell client first, change my password because it's
expired then everything seems fine after that. If you create a user and
Simply don't enforce "Force Periodic Password Change". Then it will work

We have a mixed between Mac and PC. I don't want MAC users and
clientless users have to log in to PC with netware client to make
AFP/CIFS works. Or Neither I want to disable "Force Periodic Password
Change". This is the only way I know of to force password change for
user. I need this function.

Can anyone please confirm this? Can it be fixed?