Sorry guys & caught me in a WTF moment.
I'm doing way too many configs/re-configs without a payoff.

I'm encouraged by the threads re MAC OSX authenticated to NW 6.5 via
LDAP onward I plod.

It seems no matter what TID....edir873.pdf...I read, I get limited
success. and certainly not the payoff of having
my MAC OSX 10.3 (with Directory Access configured) login to NW 6.5/sp4

I can get LDAP Browser(on a Windows box) to connect only with Anonymous
bind....but that's about it.
TCPCON reports 389 and 626 listening

My simple mind wants screenshots.

For example, when I configure Directory Access on the MAC OSX 10.3
do I select 'Open Directory Server' "RFC2307 Unix" "Custom"

In Directory prompts me to define the "Search Base Suffix" ,
how shall I populate the field
( O=DAWSON ...I have a simple one container test tree...or dc=dawson)

With dstrace +LDAP invoked, my dstrace.log shows errors each time my MAC
box tries to login

When I reboot my MAC and selct 'OTHER' to login
How shall I populate the Name Password prompt on the MAC box?
admin or
..admin.dawson or
admin.dawson or
cn=admin or

I'll save my Attribute Mappings questions for another thread.

Any help would be much appreciated

Kirk Fontaine
Dawson College,Montreal