I'm trying to connect the dots.

My MAC authenticates to my NW6.5 via LDAP
but I can't yet mount the home drive.

From the several documents I've read, the attribute mappings
are going to help MAC OSX build a symbolic link to the
netware volume so as to mount the drive.

Here's is my understanding of the sequence...please correct me.

1. MAC boots...user logs into eDirectory via LDAP
(configured in Directory Access (DA) )
2. eDirectory reads HomeDir of user from 2 places
1. On the tab Unix Profile, it reads Home Directory for the value
2. On the tab Other, it read apple-user-homeurl the value


3. The MAC box receives the value for apple-user-homeurl and gives it
to Directory Access which passes it to the HomeDirectory Attributes

Any comments would be much obliged

Kirk Fontaine
Dawson College, Montreal