Running 6.5sp4, just patched to sp5.
have clustering pair connected to scsi storage (dell pv220s)
In my testing of fail over situations, my very first is to perform a
"down" on the primary server.

during the shutdown, the logger screen starts stating repeatedly:
CIFSNDSReadAttr: Error in ReadAttr -634

I have cifs on my cluster volumes and am wondering if I need to do
something special to unload cifs correctly in order to perform a safe
shutdown. Currently, the server not only doesn't shutdown, it give no
indication that it's in a shutdown process and failover never fails
over. I have to perform a physical power down to initiate the

the only other clue I have is the line above in the logger stating
CLUSTER-<INFO>-<211>: WSASetService() failed, error = -1, 10009

Any help is most appreciated