i'm having this strange issue that i would like to share.


Windows XP with ZEN agent but no Novell client ( accessing netware share
with CIFS)

Netware 6.0 with SP5 latest CIFS module

users are complaining that during the day, they get lots of lags while
working ex: opening file explorer, opening word document.
Something i can reproduce very easily, is when in Word 2003, if you click
on new document, (the icon found on the top left corner of the screen),
the hourglass appears for about 5 to 10 seconds. What's strange is that
i'm only asking for a new page.
I noticed that the network icon lights up. so i decided to use ethereal.
when looking at the trace, i can see the workstation asking the server
about a certain directory found in the user's home directory. The server
does respond but the workstation keeps on asking. That same request is
repeated over and over (about 2500 packets of request) to finally timeout.

now, if i change in word the default directory found in the option menu,
the problem goes away, but obviously i need that parameter to point to
network's home directory.

any ideas...