I have a strange problem. We've had native file access working around here
for years, but we've recently added some new servers (NW65SP5 Overlay).
We placed these servers in a new Server context off of the root (older
servers were installed at the root of the tree). I can attach to these new
servers via Windows XP with no problem, but the Macs refuse to connect.

After looking through this forum, I thought it might be an NMAS issue, so
I logged a couple of unsuccessful attempts, and see this in the log:

56: ..LSMAFP3: GetUniversalPassword
56: >>LSMAFP3: Calling MAF_GetPassword
ERROR: -1460 CCS_GetPartitionKey:LTSSPerformX

56: ERROR: -1460 MAF_GetPassword LSM 0x0000001E
56: ..LSMAFP3: MAF_GetPassword returned -1460 <fffffa4c>, grace logins
remaining = 0
56: ..LSMAFP3: GetUniversalPassword: MAF_GetPassword fa9led with error
-1460 <0xfffffa4c>
56: ..LSMAFP3: GetSimplePassword
56: ERROR: -603 MAF_GetAttribute LSM 0x0000001E AID: 24 Tag: PASSWORD HASH
56: ..LSMAPF3: GetSimplePassword: MAF_GetAttribute failed with error -603

56: ..LSMAFP3: User does not have a Simple Password.
56: ..LSMAFP3: Could not get Universal Password or Simple Password.
56: ..LSMAFP3: Second ProcessAuthRequest returned -603 (fffffda5>
authenticated = 0

If I view the log from one of my old servers, the connection succeeds and
all is good. I do have Universal Passwords enabled.

This seems like a
context-based problem, but I'm not sure where to look. I copied the
ctxs.cfg file from an old server onto these new boxes.

Perhaps related, one of the new servers is a BMgr 3.8 box, and the Macs
are unable to authenticate to it either.

Any suggestions? I'm probably missing something extremely simple. Thanks
in advance for any help or suggestions.

--> John

John Endahl, District Network Administrator
Williamston Community Schools

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