I have a test tree with 2 servers. One server near the root(#1), and one
down a few containers(#2). Both servers initially were 5.1sp6 with NFA
sp3 only installed on server #2. Everything worked fine with the Macs,
login, change password with OS9 and X.

I upgraded server #1 to 6.5sp2. At this point I cannot change the
simple password from a Mac. The simple password can be changed from CS1
or the portal, and the Mac can login, but the password can never be
changed from the Mac. In OS X I get 'Change password failed -5000'.

I then upgraded eDir on the 5.1 box (#2) from 8.62 to 8.7.3 (which also
upgraded NMAS from 2.05 to 2.65). Then upgraded eDir to Aso
upgraded NICI on #2 from 2.4.2 to 2.6.5. NOW, both servers have the
same version of eDir and NICI. Server #1 has version 2.65 of NMAS and
server #2 has version 2.68 of NMAS.

Still cannot change the password from a Mac. I can from Windows, but
then the passwords are out of sync. Any ideas why I cannot change the
password on a mac after upgrading server #1? This is a test tree to
duplicate a problem we have in our production tree.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.