Ok, I have a CIFS setup running on my Netware 6.5 sp5 server that I want
to access via CIFS with Win2k3. This all works fine via XP so my CIFS
configuration should be kosher. I've gone into the registry and increased
the NETBT LMHosts lookup timeout according to MS when encountering error
67 when trying to map. I've gone into the domain policy and domain
controllers policy according to Novell TID 10084607 and disabled SMB
signing. I've enabled CIFS SMB signing optional on the command line of
the server. When I DS trace the login attempt the DS trace says the login
succeeded, but I cannot browse the CIFS server, map a share via NET USE,
or browse via Windows Explorer. From Explorer it just asks me to
authenticate over and over, from a command line it gives me an error 67
the network name cannot be found. I have an LMHOSTS and HOSTS entry and
can ping the name of the server, if I try to connect via the IP that
doesn't work either, I get the same error.

I'm at a loss as to what to try next, anyone get this working that has
some suggestions for me?