We have one volume (out of about 8 in the cluster) that does not show up on Mac
desktops when mounted. The cluster is running NW6.5 SP4a (afptcp.nlm 2.04.08
9/26/2005). The volume does get mounted; I can see it at /Volumes, and I can
umount it. We have seen this on multiple 10.4.6 and 10.3.9 desktops.

This volume and two others are running on one of the cluster nodes. The other
two volumes on this node do not have this problem. I have done a DTRESET, and I
have deleted the .DS_Store file at the root of the volume, neither of which made
a difference. I have *not* restarted afptcp or the server.

Any thoughts?

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
St. Olaf College 1510 St. Olaf Avenue
Information and Northfield, MN
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