I have a 2 server tree with both servers at NW6.5 sp2. First I sync the
passwords with AFPTCP CLEARTEXT. Using the same account name, if I
change the NDS password in Windows or forced to change the password,
MOST OF THE TIME a Mac can login with the unsync'd password and/or I
can change the simple password from the Mac to sync with the NDS
password. BUT SOMETIMES when the NDS password is changed, the Mac
cannot login at all. If I unload AFPTCP (afpstop.ncf & afpstrt.ncf) or
load AFPTCP CLEARTEXT. I can login and get the password sync'd. The
lsmafp login method was updated to the one in NW6.5 sp2. I can't knock
AFP clients off during business hours to fix a password. Could not find
any particular TID's about this. Any ideas about this?

Thanks for any help.