Found the following:

NW6.5 Sp5, NW6.5NSS5a, latest server.exe

Volume shared via NFS : NSS Namespaces DOS, LONG, UNIX, MAC

If I do a complete listing of all Filenames via nsscpt -mac -n I can
see in the log that all namepaces (except of course the DOS namespace)
contain the correct Unicode names for all files, so NSS has the correct

But if I try to access the NFS share via Linux(Suse, Ubuntu) or
Unix(Solaris) filenames are converted to codepage 850 or 437 (I cannot
distinguish which one as the special characters in my filenames have
identical mappings) and therefore displayed wrong in file listings etc.

The same seems to be true for Netstorage, where I experience the
behaviour described in TID 10088765, which should have been solved
since SP1 of Netware.

This seems to be a long lasting issue as I have found several postings
in this forum complaining about wrong character display for "Umlaute"
using NFS mounts etc., which all just got an Automatic Reply.

The solution for this problem seems to be pretty easy, just take the
filenames as stored in NSS and forget any mapping as all modern
Unix/Linux distributions understand Unicode pretty well. But this needs
a new (simplified) XNFS.NLM I assume.

W. Prindl