I've got a problem with cifs in domain mode. From NetWare side I have NW
6.5 sp5 with n65nss5a, ssp201, nw65os5a, edir8738, from Windows side
Windows 2003 server with active directory in mixed mode. TID 10084607 (CMB
signing) applied on Windows side.
Some windows users do not get access to NetWare shares, which are mapped
from domain login script - and then they also can't attach particular share
by net use command or simple \\server-domain-name\share.
Then I can see error 1642 in nmasmon log file. It is not a problem of bad
Windows password, because windows login occurs properly and other shares,
mapped from NAS (filer) and windows server always work. There is no rule
which user and when does not get access to NetWare cifs share. Actually I
have no idea how to repair it.
Do you have any solutions?
Pawe≥ Brzeski