afraid i'm new to cifs.
he is what i have and want to do.

netware 6.5 mainly sp2 but most going to 5 . edir
we are running an idm driver to sync to an AD tree and this is working

i have a citrix app and this is what the AD is for - i want them to be
able to access a mapping inside the app via cifs. the server is in AD.

to test on a pc .
i created an nds account for sdoo - this auto created AD account and i set
the universal pwd through imanager 2.5
logged into pc local as sdoo - tried to map to cifserver\test
gives me a login box but i cant login
i can see nmas logout 23700501.19-14 errors on server

inside image i have configured this as name - it is resolvable by wins
edited cfg for contexts but the logout suggests it is finding me anyway

any thoughts
the cifs is just set to local just now - going to try domain but i think i
need sp5 for that - which i am doing in background first