Greetings Everyone,

A couple of questions...
1. Does anyone know whether it is possible to failover from a PDC to a BDC
(in a NT4 environment) or from DC1 to DC2 in an AD environment?
2. Why does CIFS need to talk to a PDC? Since it does not make any changes I
would have thought that any DC or BDC would be OK as well?

There appears to be an enhancement request for Question 1 this in 2003 - but
I am not sure if this has been provided.

I have a test environment consisting of:
(a) Netware 6.5 SP5 and n65nss5a
(b) Windows 2003 WINS server
CIFS is configured with a blank PDC and a domain of TESTDOM. WINS is
configured with a 1C "Domain Controller" entry for TESTDOM with 3

A Packetscan on the Netware server shows that when CIFSSTRT is issued the
Netware server contacts WINS and obtains all 3 ip-addresses of DC's for the
TESTDOM domain (GOOD). However, it only attempts to contact the first one..
If this is not found then it starts to issue NETBIOS broadcast for a PDC
(BAD). Why doesn't it just try the other addresses provided by WINS ????

Anyone have any ideas?