Long story short, I had a terrible experience when 6.0 first came out
so haven't used it since. Now however, we have been purchased by a
large corp and unless I can make my NW servers appear as Windows
servers to the WAN we will be connecting to, they are history.

Is it possible to set up a NW6.54SP5 server in CIFS to appear as a
Windows server in an Active Domain? No one outside this LAN will be
connecting to them, expcept Altiris checking inventory of licenses. If
so what is needed?

I have two servers left, neither one is SP5 yet and I cannot see
upgrading them if they are going to become W2003 Standard servers.
One of my servers 6.5SP3 has CIFs on it and shows up as servername-w in
WORKGROUP rather than the Domain.