Another newbie to NFA, so bear with me.

We have two NW6.0 sp5 servers. We also have a new Windows 2003 AD
domain. I'd like to make a couple of shares available on one of my two
NW boxes.

I installed NFA for windows, along w/ NMAS, on one of my NW servers
using the 6.0 sp5 overlay CD. My first install attempt did not include
NMAS and the installer barked at me, so I canceled out and started over.

I have not restarted the server since the install of NFA.

Since I'm just in the testing stage right now, I've set up the
authentication to be local. I gave my user object a simple password.
We only need CIFS for a few users that will be accessing the network
through our VPN, so I don't really want to setup the authentication to
be Domain. I'll do whatever works best though !

When I try to access a CIFS share I get a pop-up box, so I try to log
in. Before that pop-up box, I see many "Intruder Lockout" messages for
my user object on the NW server.

This happens every time.

Something else that happens every time is that CIFSSTOP yells that it
can not unload CIFS.NLM b/c NFAP4NRM.NLM is running. I have to unload
it by hand, then run CIFSSTOP again to get CIFS.NLM unloaded.

Of course now, I'm in a worse position b/c my server console is locked
up from my most recent attempt to CIFSSTOP. I had loaded NMASMON b/f
and failed to unload it b/f doing the CIFSSTOP, so I guess that could be
the problem.

Most recent message on the console is :

ExitProcedure: WTD Count (B) is non-zero!!

Should I depend on NFA for anything ? I'm sure having a lot of trouble
getting it to work.