Please help, I've been trying on and off for the last 6 months to get our
Macs desktops to integrate with the Novell servers more seamlessly. I have
no problem setting up eDir login authentication, but I want to set it that
the students don't have to re-enter their user credentials to access their
home dirves on the network server. I'm only a basic user of Macs and don't
know or understand their underlying workings or directory structures etc etc.

I've gone through all the info I can find on mounting a network home drive
on the desktop on this forum, Cool Solutions, MacOSXLabs.org and general
googling - but it still aludes me - they all seem to say something slighly
different, or have slightly different settings, or require alot of reading
between the lines (which i'm obviously not managing to do).

I started fresh again the other day and followed the instructions I
downloaded from 'la cite collegiale' by Stephane Lefrance, which are the
same as the ones on MacOSXLabs.org.
I have a test system setup, it's config is: Tree: NW_TEST_TREE,
Server:NW_TEST, IP:, only a SYS volume, Users in context
ou=users.o=test, User home drives: SYS:\homes, Universal Password set and
working, AFP on server using GUEST access, passwords not in cleartext.

So here are my steps and the resulting error messages, using the user
NTURNER as an example:
* Add apple-user extension to NTURNER, naming the auxiliary class NTURNER
* Other tab: add apple-user-homeurl:
* In the Unix profile: UserID:1007, Primary Group: 20, Home Directory:
* Create a AFP Server Object in ou=users,o=test named:
* Add apple-mount extension, with both the Name and Common Name set as:
* Other tab: add apple-mount-file: /Network/Servers
* Other tab: add apple-mount-options: net,
* Other tab: add apple-mount-vfstype: url
* On the Mac client (iBook G4, OSX v10.4) in Directory Access I set up the
following attribute mappings
Default Attribute Type
RecordName - cn
Users - apple-user, inetOrgPerson (Search base: ou=users,o=test)
FirstName - givenName
HomeDirectory - apple-user-homeurl
LastName - sn
NFSHomeDirectory - homeDirectory
PrimaryGroupID - gidNumber
RealName - fullName
UniqueID - uidNumber
UserShell -
Mounts - apple-mount (Search base: ou=users,o=test)
VFSLinkDir - apple-mount-file
VFSOpts - apple-mount-options
VFSType - apple-mount-vfstype

When I try logging in I get: "You are unable to log in to the user account
"nturner" at this time. Loggin in to the account failed because an error
occurred. The home folder for the user account is located on an AFP or SMB
server. Contact your system administrator for help"

If I add "afp:" to before the address in apple-user-homeurl I still get the
same error.

If I take out the XML tags so the line reads
"afp://" it logs me in and under
Network/Servers I do get a path to a home directory called NTURNER which
contains a 'Desktop' and 'Library' folders, but it doesn't seem to link to
the network folder, I can't see any files in the network home drive. I can
see via Terminal that a folder has been created on the local system in the
path /Network/Servers/

If I remove the / between and users/nturner leaving a space
like i've seen in some examples I get the same as above.

I appologies if this is a bit of an essay, but i'm getting frustrated with
this and feel like i'm missing some basic step which i'm sure i'll kick
myself about when I figure it out.


P.S: Is the same setup used on the new Intel Mac's or is that different again?