lately we are experiencing abends in afptcp.nlm. We are running a
4-node netware 6.5 Cluster. 3 nodes are sp3, one sp5 with the nss5a
patch applied. the abends occur with a certain pool/volume which are
most of our mac-users are hosted on. The server crashes sometimes twice
a day always in afptcp.nlm thread:

snipped from abend.log:
Running process: AFP Work Thread (159) Process
Thread Owned by NLM: AFPTCP.NLM
Stack pointer: 41649698
OS Stack limit: 41645800
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 5050030 Blocked on Semaphore
Stack: 4259F582 (AFPTCP.NLM|zAFPGetUnmangledNameFromZid+1E2)
--41648518 ?
--4490B338 ?
--37304246 ?
--B5005C3A ?

our suspicion is that this has something to do with spotlight indexing
but we are not sure.
We had this volume on nw65sp3 as well as nw65sp5 without a difference
in the abend.

Any ideas??

B. Kuhlmann
University of Hamburg, Germany