Excuse me for Language errors, I am Dutch.

As Admin, I have trouble deleting some files from the volume Users from my
Novell 5.1 Server.
I have verified that I have full rights on that, and all the subfolders
and files in it.
NO users are online at the moment of occourence
Still not able to delete these.

Even after a few days, I am still not able to delete these folders
(Beceause a folder or file inside it cannot be deleted)

Other files in the same folder could be deleted successfully.
The error messages varies with that the syntaxis for either the drive,
volume ort filename is invalid, or that the Server cannot read from that
destination folder.
I can (AND have) rename(d) the main folder in wich it has occoured, and
have deleted all trustee rights to other members.
Only the Admin has full rights on that folder.
After that, still no go...

Does anyone have a workaround for such a problem??

Many thanks!

J.V. Lodewijckx.