I'm having a strange issue with CIFS. I have a single server, NW 6.5.3
that works fine on CIFS from several different Windows workstations.
On one particular one, I have a dual-boot: WinXP and Win2003 Small Bus
Server. That host can connect fine to the NW box over CIFS when it's
running XP, but fails when it's running 2003 server, with the error
"You may not have access to this server..." And "The remote procedure
call failed and did not execute".

This is a flat network, all on the same subnet with the server.

Also, I'm a little confused on the simple password thing... I thought
that was unified a while ago. Does that have to do with the "Universal
Password?" And if so, are there any ramifications to switching to that,
e.g. Is any legacy NW, IPX, or eDirectory software liable to "break" by



Using Virtual Access