File save errors from a MAc workstation to a NetWare server.

General Configuration:

NW 6.5.5 with post SP5 NSS patches applied.

Mac OS 10.4.6, Quark 6.5 (although other applications experience same

General scenario:

Create a new file, first save works, file appears in the directory

Edit the file, save, get a 'file not found -43' error message on the
Mac, file name disappears from the directory listing and some temp
file name appears in it's place.

edit file again, save, get a new file save dialog box, which allows to
save with original name.

Here's some of the things that we're seeing in the afptcp.log:

Unable to get volume status 21200 <52d0>
Error: Unable to open parent (ZID #127 <7f>) 20407 <4fb7> child is
Error: Unable to open parent (ZID #127 <7f>) 20407 <4fb7> child is
these continue by the values in the < > change

Lots and lots of FPEnumerate returning ERROR (4FB7) at 5

complete log is about 102Kb, can post or email.

Any thoughts or clues will be appreciated!