Netware 6.5 with SP5 and SP5a NSS patches.

The problem I have is that after running an installer against an AFP share on my netware server, I
could not see the files and folders that were installed. Investigation shows they are actually there
but for some reason the Hidden and System attributes have been set.

I've found I can unset these bits manually via Console One and the folder or file will appear.
However, the problem is that these top level folders contain many sub-items, and I cannot see
any way to propagate the permissions throughout the structure. I'm used to windows where you
have the option in the Advanced section to propagate the permissions and enabled inheribtable

Is there a similar propagation command for Netware? if so, where is it and what do I need to do/
use to invoke it.

Obviously I'd like to know why the hidden and system attributes are being set when the files are
being installed, this certainly didn't happen with SP4, so it would appear that a change between
SP4 and SP5 (I had the same issue prior to installing the SP5 NSS update) caused this.