We've been using CIFS in domain mode on an NW6.5 SP3 server for several
years now, I took management over from another techy 2 years ago.

I've always understood that for it to work both the account names and
passwords on the corresponding Netware and Windows domain accounts had to
match. My image of the process was that a user first authenticates to
Netware, Netware then forwards those details to the NT/Windows domain which
confirms them, then the login is allowed.

But very recently a user insisted that wasn't the case, and I've tested and
found it to be true. I changed the password on a domain account and it still
connects to the Netware cifs volume fine. The account isn't authenticated
with the correct Netware password but still obtains the rights to the volume
associated with the Netware account.

So does a cifs login in domain mode not involve the Netware account at all?

Steve Law