we eventually decide to switch from NCP to CIFS as access method for our
clients to our Netwareserver
(because of many 3rd Party PCs from our customers and Linuxboxes).

- are there any experiences on doing this ?
- is there a document, which describes the limitations and problems for
using CIFS and compares the functionality between NCP and CIFS ?

My main questions are:
- Filelocking under Novell-CIFS with Windows-access (and Linux-CIFS-mount)
(I found one question earlier in this forum, but there was no answer)
- Cluster-failover with automatic reconnect using the CIFS-Protokoll
(Is this possible? Are there any caveats for the user and the admins ?)
- In some messages in this forum and another www-sources there was the high
load of servers, which are CIFS-enabled a problem. Is this fact or is
there an other experience ?

Thanks for answers or forum/www-links