I have four NW6.5 servers in my tree, and one of them is refusing CIFS
or AFP connections from my admin workstation, a Powermac G5 running Mac
OS 10.4.7.

The server in question is 6.5 sp5, and has had the NSS5a post-sp5 patch
applied. The other three servers are also sp5 with nss5a, but they are
presenting no problems, I can connect to shares on these with no
problems, via CIFS and AFP.

The only thing I can see in the AFP.LOG on the problem server is

Tue Jul 25 12:30:28 2006
: Thread ID = 295, InitAuthentication: RegOpenKeyEx 'Appliance' failed
1073741838 <4000000e>
Tue Jul 25 12:30:28 2006
: Thread ID = 295, Using Mac Code Page <Roman>

but I get an 'unknown username and password' error whenever I try to
connect to the server's shared volume from OS X. I've tried connecting
via AFP and CIFS, and get the same result.

James Dore,
New College IT Officer