Hi All,

Apple has changed the way that the AFP Client in MacOS works with 10.4.6 and later. What we have discovered is that when we have a folder on a NetWare 6.5SP5 servers (running AFPTCP) volume with DI & RI attributes set, users are unable to delete the files within that folder. Subfolders of the parent folders are okay and work as expected.

Our client has had a conference call with Apple Support today, and their belief is that the behaviour of Mac OS 10.4.5 and earlier was defective, and that they have "fixed" it in 10.4.6. Apple's interpretation of the filesystem semantics appears to be different to Novell's (and mine!). In my view, if DI & RI attributes are set at the directory level they should apply to the directory (and not the files insides that directory).

Does anyone else have any experience in dealing with this behaviour ?