I've got CIFS working in our cluster now with the "cifs add" stuff in the
load script...

But since every virtual server has it's own nfapCIFSServerName attribute
with the virtual server's windows name, this name should also be
registered/deregistered in wins each time the resource is been taken up or

I does not!

So we're ending up with the same problem as Dave (post from July 13), not
beeing able to call the virtual share by the cluster resource windows name.
If calling the share by the CIFS name assigned to the operating node it
works, but this is no solution since it will fail whenever the resource is
moved to another node...

As a workaround, I have made static wins mappings for the virtual resources.
This works since the virtual name and ip address will not change when moving
to a different node.

But the fact that cifs add does not register the name in wins must be
considered as a bug...?