I've just connected 2nd Windows 2003 server to existing domain.
Disconnected first DC
(W2k3 server) from network to verify if this second DC will
automatically provide the CIFS share from the NetWare server. NetWare
6.5 SP5(xx-xxx-w) server doesn't appear in My Network places, however,
if I search for the NetWare 6.5 SP5 server through Windows explorer by
IP address I am able to see it but unable to connect to it. Error
message - Server is not accessible. DNS is configured and NetBIOS
over TCP/IP is enabled on both 2nd server and workstation. If I were
to bring back up the 1st DC server everything work fine again...share
is visible and I am able to access the share without any issues. Am I
missing something? How can users automatically maintain access to the
CIFS share from the 2nd DC if the 1st DC should crash or become