Mixed environment:
Servers: OES NetWare 6.5 sp4. eDir CIFS installed and
Clients: ~100 Windows XP Pro with Client 4.91+,
~10 Windows XP Pro wo Client,
~100 Windows Tablet Edition XP Pro wo Client,
2 Mac users running OSX.

Want users to be forced to change passwords, and have password
characteristics that meet securitys requirements.

Do we need to implement Universal Password?
Is the Novell Client required on all machines?
We read something about needing "Novell Password Self-Service" - a free
tool to help with the password changes for the users?

We want the user to be notified and be able to change their password
when it is about to expire, but not allow them to change it if they are
locked out because of too many false attempts. Ideally, if they are locked
out - it should email the sys admins group.

Are we on the right track?