We are a school district using ldap and afptcp to allow our mac users access to the file servers. They can login the mac login and get their desktop sent down to them from the home directory mounts.

Our problems:

CPU: Pegs out a 100% and login fail (AFP is not multi processor aware so this is a problem)

It seems after a few logins 100-150 the server does not accept any more connections.

Being a very newbie to this I have a couple a question:

Is there a limit (max) to concurrent afptcp logins? we are having 5 labs (30 computers in each) trying to log in (sometimes a few will attempt at the same time, mostly random times)

We have added some parameters to AFPTCP: (afpstrt)

%if !loaded nfap4nrm.nlm then cmd load nfap4nrm.nlm
load afptcp.nlm threads 12 cleartext noSharing NoUnloadCheck guest log

Any help or direction will be a great help.

We are running on Novell 6.5 sp5 , server has 6 gigs, duel zeons

We have the contexts set in ctxs.cfg

We can get it to work - but the CPU maxes out or the logins fail - No shaking (which would lead us to unable to authenticate) just grayed out, waiting to connect but not fully connect.