Hi together,

we use SuSE Linux 9.3 Clients for filtetransfers (get/put Files via FTP and
get/put them via CIFS Shares from/to our Netware OES6.5 Servers).
The OES6.5 Servers uses SP5 whith the latest public Patches.

When we use smb everything works fine.
( mount.smbfs -o username=SMBUSER -o password=SMBPASSWORD -o uid=100,gid=1000
-o iocharset=utf8 -o codepage=cp850 //NWSERVER/CIFSSHARE /MOUNTPOINT )
We can copy,delete,rename,etc.. without any problems.

When we try to use cifs , we get an strange behavior in the copy (cp) command.
-o username=SMBUSER,pass=SMBPASSWORD,uid=100,gid=1000 )

If we try to copy Files (cp TEST.TXT /tmp/) from the Share to the local
directory, we get the following Error :
cp: listing attributes of TEST.TXT : Input-/Output-Error

Copying Files to the share works, even renaming Files on the share is working.
Copy Files to the share only works ,if we don't preserve extended
Attributes (cp --attributes='-'), but thats no solution for us , because
we have many scripts running on the Linux Boxes which uses the cp command.

The Rights for the SMBUSER on the Share are [-RWECMF-].

Is there any other solution ?
Mounting Shares from W3K3 via mount.cifs is working.

Thanks for any hints and tips.

kind regards
Stefan Krüger