Over the weekend, we moved a storage array from one server to a new server.
Both servers are running OES current support pack (5). All seemed fine,
this morning when the MAC users came in. AFP connections are very slow.
The connections are slow wether we are connecting to the drive array that
was transferred to the new server, or the boot array that is internal to the
server. There are not that many settings for AFP that I am aware of, so I
don't know where to look.

If we connect via a SMB connections, it is close to normal, but this causes
other issues and is not a long term fix.

I can read/write to the server just fine with a PC, so it doesn't sound like
a network congestion or NIC driver issue. There is also no difference where
I read or write to on the new server (old or new arrays.) I am looking
through the knowledge base right now, but can not find anything yet.

Does anyone have a suggestion?